Welcome to Barr None Music Publishers, and the Learn to Play Series.


Ten years in development, there is no other music program like it on the market–Barr None! We have made it simple to learn to play the guitar, piano, mandolin and violin/fiddle, & ukulele (coming soon: electric bass, dulcimer, flute, harmonica, recorder, banjo, cello, and more). With over 3000 pages of music in levels 1A, 1B & 1C (per instrument), you will have lots of fun music to play–enough to get REALLY good at reading music and that’s the secret to success.


When you’re good at something, it’s fun; and when you’re having fun, you want to keep doing it. It’s that easy. Just start at the beginning and play every day. And if you have other family members or friends who are also using the Learn to Play series, you can all have fun playing together.


All the music for all the different instruments matches within the series, so that guitar, piano, mandolin, violin/fiddle, and ukulele students can all play together. All music includes easy notes and chord symbols and extra verses are included for singing. And there’s a huge variety of music, including folk, country, bluegrass, old time, classical, fiddle tunes, and Celtic (music from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, etc.) along with rock & jazz styles.


So, get ready to have fun. You can start with the entire set in Level 1A (30 books in 9 volumes w/alphabetical index — about a year’s worth of learning & $50 savings) or you can start with Starter Pak #1 (contains the first 6 books you will need, in 2 volumes — 3-6 months of learning & almost $10 savings). You can buy one Starter Pak at a time or buy all five and save.