#1 Learn To Play Violin/Fiddle Level 1A, Starter Pak #1 (6 books)

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Learn To Play Violin/Fiddle Level 1A, Starter Pak #1 (6 books)

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Learn To Play Violin/Fiddle, Level 1A, Starter Pack #1 (6 books)

Includes the first 6 books, spiral-bound in 2 volumes of 3 books each, with heavy-duty plastic covers front and back. Can be used by multiple students in your family. This is the curriculum we use for all the violin/fiddle “live” classes and videos (or you can start with the Complete Set, Level 1A, which includes all 30+ books). It can also be used as a self-teaching program, especially when combined with the “Teaching Manual”.

The 6 books include: “Violin Lessons” (method book), “Violin Technic” (easy technical exercises), “Violin Theory Workbook” (to reinforce everything learned in your lesson book, including opportunities to write your own songs), “Violin Songs” (a variety of easy fun songs for more practice learning the new notes presented in your lesson book), “Animal Songs for Violin” (cute, funny songs about animals, using the new notes presented in your lesson book; this book will make you smile every time you turn the page!), “How Low Can You Go? for Violin” (songs which focus on the lower notes/strings of your violin/fiddle).

During the live classes and videos, we work through these books, page by page, playing all the songs together, in the same manner as private lessons.

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